We Dhruvi Road Equipment are manufacturing HYDROSTATIC SENSOR PAVER FINISHER with A mix of power, sensibility and sharpness. This machine has been ultimate in its league unfailingly living up-to the requirements and needs of Road Constructing Company over the years. Presenting a unique mix of technology, functionality, and quality, Sensor Paver Finisher guarantees best operational results.

PRIME MOVERS : HP -250is powered with powerful water-cooled diesel Engine developing 105 HP @ 2300RPM. Excellent cooler assembly with innovative air routing easily accessible daily maintenance like checking engine oil, coolant water level and engine suction filter etc. Engine starter, alternator can be easily removed for periodic maintenance. gauges like engine temperature and ampere meter are easily visible from operator`s seat.

HYDROSTATIC TRANSMISSION : Infinitely variable hydrostatic drives are providing for traction and feeder systems with Electro/Hydraulic control. All Hydraulic Pump, Motors, Hose-pipes, Hydraulic oil etc. are Reputed Make.

Power Take - Off Gear Box : Reputed make P.T.O. is coupled with the engine. Hydraulic pumps are coupled with P.T.O. Gear box. The gearbox is in oil bath, all the gears are of proper alloy steel material and hardened for greater life. Bearings used in gearbox are of reputed make for greater life. Gearbox is provided with oil level indicator, Air breather, and oil drain plug for better operation and maintenance.

Brakes : The Safety brakes consists of two hydraulic callipers and a brake booster, which are controlled by pedals near the operator`s seat. the safety brakes are acting on the speed shaft, which are coupled to the drive wheels.

DIFFERENTIAL GEAR BOX : Two speed differential Gear boxes is provided to achieve low speed for paving and high speed for travelling. All the gears are in oil-bath and are of proper alloy steel material hardened to get greater life. Gear box is provided with oil level indicator, air - breather and oil-drain plug for better operation and maintenance.

MATERIAL RECEIVING SYSTEM : The independent movement of the two hopper wings is obtained by mean of hydraulic cylinder. Mix aggregate discharged into the hopper is transferred by two independent chain bar feeders located on hopper bottom distribute the materials to the rear of the machine.

two Thrust rollers are fixed on heavy oscillating beam provided on front part of the machine.

FEEDER CONVEYOR & AGGREGATE SPREADING AUGERS : Two Feed / Bar conveyors & Corresponding spreading augers will have infinitely variable hydrostatic drive independent of traction transmission.

Each side feeder and spreading augers will operate independent of each other in accordance with material requirement at the screed so as to maintain an adequate material level in the screed box.

CONTROLS : Single control console having power steering Wheel, fingertip controls for hopper, feeders, augers, flow gates, screed hoist, tamper, vibrator, differential lock, forward or reverse travel, automatic levels etc. needed for all operations of paver.

The machine is hydraulically controlled by means of simple switches and levers. In case of breakdown, all solenoid valves in the hydraulic circuit can be manually operated.

Front BOGIE WHEELS : Four steering bogey wheel of solid rubber tyres, size 558 mm X 350 mm : 4 Nos. are mounted to the front oscillating axle rockers arm. Hydraulic steering is fitted for effortless operation.

Rear Tyre: : The rear Driving axle is fitted with pneumatic tyres, Size 1000 X 20 - Four Nos.

Electronic Grade and Slope Sensor : The paver will be fitted with level sensor with suitable system to enable the paver to lay a mat to predetermine level and maintain surface smoothness automatically regardless of undulations in the road base.

It will also have cross fall sensor with suitable system to control the slope in the transverse direction and maintain the cross slope to the desired at the present level.


Sr. No Description Specification
1 Engine 105 HP @ 2200 RPM. Make Kirloskar, Ashok Leyland, or Equipment Kirloskar or Equivalent
2 Diesel Tank 150 ltr
3 Hydraulic Tank 205 ltr
4 Front Wheel Solid Rubber Tyres 1nos. 558 Dia. X 350 mm
5 Rear Wheel 4 nos. Pneumatic Tyres Size 100 x 20
6 Hopper Capacity 5 CM
7 Transmission Fully Hydraulic


Paving Screed :

Basic Width
Hydraulically, Ext. up to
Further Mech. Ext. up to
Gradient Slope
Screed vibration
Screed Tamping
Screed plate Heating


2.5 meter
4.5 meter
5.5 meter
-1 to 4.5 %
Hydraulic Motors 4 Nos 0 to 3000 PER MINUTE
Hydraulic Motors 4 Nos 0 to 1600 PER MINUTE
LPG. Heating/Diesel Burner


Paving Performance :

Laying Capacity
Pavcing Thickness
Paving Speed 1st. Gear
Paving Speed 2nd. Gear
Travelling Speed


300 TPH
10mm to 300mm
0 to 80mtr./min
0 to 40mtr./min
0 to 16km/hrs. Max.
10 Grade& Slope Sensor : Imported Moba Make Or Equivalent
11 Laying Application : Asphalt Paving / Wet Mix Paving
Optional : Asphalt & Wet Mix Paving
12 Machine Weight : 13700 Kg

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